At THE HATCHERY, we do our best to help new business ‘hatchlings’ reach the ocean. While you may have aspirations to become a ‘unicorn’ or perhaps just a medium-sized business, we’ll try and help you survive long enough to at least reach the ocean.

We are actively looking for accountants, accounting technicians, commercial lawyers, paralegals, web designers, and others, who share our respect for, and commitment to businesses just starting out.

As the ‘founder’ of THE HATCHERY, I am focused on technology startups – most often in the software space. As a human being and not just an accountant, I am aware that success is not simply measured in terms of money.

Government agencies (like STATISTICS CANADA) speak disparagingly of ‘micro-businesses’ with 4 or fewer employees, and typically exclude the self-employed from definitions of businesses (they speak of ‘employer businesses’). Yet these days there are about 3 million self-employed Canadians working without paid help.

Investors are looking for growth businesses and dismiss ‘lifestyle companies’. Yet most of us work or have businesses to support a lifestyle. And that’s as it should be!

The HATCHERY is a kind of ‘incubator’ for ‘Micro Businesses’ in Canada and for the business professionals trying to help them navigate their first few years in business.


Rob Farrow, SBA
Executive Director

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