Pixsel Sues Invoke Labs for Allegedly Stealing Code to Create a Competitor

February 2015

It is probably a good thing that the mainstream press is beginning to cover the startup / high tech scene. Certainly this sector is becoming a major source of new economic activity. Before we rush to take sides, it is important that we keep things in perspective. Firms involved in incubating startups have their own economic interests. Sometimes economic self interest pushes people – and organizations are just people working together – to cross the line.

At the same time, startup companies are an important source of creativity and energy – but most fail. It is all too common for people who fail to find someone else to blame.

Unless Pixsel or Invoke Labs (both?) can successfully commercialize their IP and create wealth and economic activity locally, we may never hear of this again. In the mean time we can celebrate the fact that activity in the local startup scene is starting to get the attention of mainstream media.