Business Advice that Doesn’t Suck…

Business consultants often claim to be experts in business.

there is no such thing as an expert in business…

Saying that you’re an expert in business is kind of like saying you’re an expert in life.

Canadian businesses are very small.

STATISTICS CANADA talks in an almost disparaging way of “micro businesses” (firms with 4 or fewer employees). The problem is that taken as a whole, the self-employed and these micro businesses account for more employment than all of Canada’s large and mid-size businesses combined (24.57% vs 24.44%) by our estimates. After a few years in business, the survivors become the real experts – at least in their own business.

new and early stage businesses need access to good advice

We wanted to provide our clients and prospective clients with the best possible advice when they’re first starting out. Our advisors generally come from the ranks of professional accountants and have core, practical skills and understanding in tax compliance, accounting and finance. These skills are of vital importance to new businesses.

Accountants in Public Practice are also Consumers of Technology, Information Systems, Human Resources and Marketing Services

As consumers, over time we have developed useful and practical expertise that is worth sharing. Over the years our partners have begun formalizing our own training in many of these areas as a way improving our ability to provide our core services…and to share our experience with new and early stage businesses.

The HATCHERY is devoted to sharing practical advice with new and very early stage companies…