Toyota introduced us to the concept of “just in time” manufacturing and inventory. Decades later, today’s crop of innovative software developers have adapted their KANBAN methodology.

In our search for knowledge we often look for “the answer”, the one thing that will solve all of our problems. Naïve as it may sound, I believe that in this marvelous book you will find that one answer – the “magic potion” that will make your company a world-class competitor and make you personally very wealthy.

The truth discovered by Mr. Taiichi Ohno, Vice President of Toyota Motor and father of the Kanban and just-in-time concepts, was that improvement must never stop. It is based on the samurai tradition that a warrior (a manager) never stops perfecting his style (improving his managerial ability), and never stops polishing his sword (improving the process and the product).

David J. Lu – from the preface to “Just-In-Time at Toyota”