Growth Business vs Lifestyle Business

Most businesses aren’t really growth businesses, at least not the way angel investors or venture capitalists see it. Most are what investors disparagingly call ‘lifestyle’ businesses. Lifestyle businesses grow organically and more slowly. A professional practice for instance, is almost impossible to scale. But it can still be a rewarding experience.

Choosing a business entity for your new business

In this video we take a detailed look at choosing a business entity. The conventional wisdom – taught in most business schools and universities is overly simplified. We started with a review of an online resource published by SMALL BUSINESS BC. We then described the way in which their overview was inadequate. Both lawyers and tax specialists have valid perspectives in this area. As with most issues in business, context is important.

Case Study: The Investment Banker

”A video shown at a local university business school, prepared by an MBA with alleged expertise in the area of corporate finance – especially exit strategies – is dissected. We also consider how and when the consultant’s expertise might be valuable.

How effective is entrepreneurship training?

Management science shares a common flaw with all of the social sciences. In universities and business schools, academics start with successful entrepreneurs and explain why they were successful. Predicting who will be successful is probably impossible.

Government Incubators

These days government agencies provide online content for new businesses. However, we should ask ourselves whether these are useful, or merely expensive vanity projects designed to tell us what they are doing for us.

The Economics of Angel Investing

As Startup Guru, Steve Blank says: The Chances of Success for a Startup are Infinitesimally Small” – That is almost always true if you measure success as becoming a ‘unicorn’. It makes more sense to transition to a growth business if, and when the stars align

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